Consumers, Traders & Creators

There are 3 ways of relating to media. Choose wisely.

After spending time perusing my friends postings on Facebook and Twitter, it has occurred to me that people are always engaging in one of three basic activities:

  1. Commenting on or redistributing content which other people have created (Trading), or
  2. Creating your own content (Creating).


The vast majority of people, I think, are simply Consumers: they view the content created by others and react merely in their own minds. This is the most passive level of participation on the media spectrum and is the equivalent of reading the newspaper or watching TV, which is simply the act of letting other people’s creations wash over you. “Click here to play.”



A smaller subset of people will publicly voice a judgement about someone else’s content by, for example, “liking” something that someone has posted. This liking or “thumbs up” symbol, as we know it, might be considered an extremely mild form of content in and of itself, because one is at least going public with a position.

Trading Lite


The highest plan of existence on the media spectrum is occupied by those who actually create original content. Perhaps they write an essay on Medium (such as this one), perform a song on Youtube, or express an idea or opinion on Twitter. It is important to note that the subjective quality or cosmic originality of the content is not the main issue. For example, you might regard this essay as boring, trivial or possibly even horrific. You might even say these these ideas are not truly original and that someone else has already expressed them before me. But you cannot deny that my writing an essay is, at the very least, an act of creation, as contrasted with either an act of consumption or an act of trading.

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Father of Five, Husband of One, Slayer of Dragons.

Father of Five, Husband of One, Slayer of Dragons.