Memories of Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie Nov 1, 1989, eight days before the Fall of the Berlin Wall
The Allied Barracks being lifted and taken away on June 22, 1990
November 9, 1989, the day The Wall was opened. Y.A.L.T.A.S. sign shown from the front.
Same night, Y.A.L.T.A.S. sign shown from the back.
The actual (getaway) truck type we used the night of June 23, 1990
Not the actual guards who interrupted us “borrowing” the sign, but essentially what they looked like. I wasn’t kidding about those machine guns.
My old apartment at Anzengruber Str. 5 in Neukoeln
Ben the Contractor installing Y.A.L.T.A.S. in our Living Room
September 2013 in my garage.




Father of Five, Husband of One, Slayer of Dragons.

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Alan Wolan

Alan Wolan

Father of Five, Husband of One, Slayer of Dragons.

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