The Pushup Challenge

My First 10 Days
My Second 10 Days
Fun For The Whole Family: Me Doing Pushups With My 4 Year Old On My Back
My Overall Results: 4,505 Pushups in 30 days = Average of 150/day
Challenge #2 Results: 7,219 Pushups in 45 Days = Average of 160/Day
January 2019 Challenge So Far
  1. I can do a lot more pushups than I ever though I could do;
  2. This simple exercise has tons of benefits, both physical as well as psychological;
  3. It’s a great and simple tool for bonding a bunch of guys with a common goal that everyone can relate to.
  4. Looks matter; when I look and feel strong, I feel more confident, capable and happy.
  5. Keeping track day to day makes a big difference
My Attempt To Do 56 Pushups on my 56th Birthday (click HERE to watch)




Father of Five, Husband of One, Slayer of Dragons.

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Alan Wolan

Alan Wolan

Father of Five, Husband of One, Slayer of Dragons.

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